For small holders who want a good quality feed at a cost effective price.

The range caters for all life stages from rearing to growing and provides a complete diet to keep animals in top condition, maintain health and well-being.

Products in the range:

Goat Mix

An all-round general purpose goat feed.

15% protein, 11% fibre, 8.5% ash, 2.7% oil

RSP £10.25

Pig grower

For weaners 12 weeks and onwards.

19% protein, 4.5% oil, 4% fibre, 5.5% ash


Sow Rolls

A general purpose adult pig feed.

16% protein, 5% oil, 4% fibre, 4.5% ash

RSP £9.99

Coarse Mix

A general purpose ruminant coarse mix.

18% protein, 8% fibre, 7.5% ash, 3.75% oil

RSP £13.25